Travelers guide for renting a motorcycle in Bali (2023)

Let’s start by wishing everyone Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Finally, 2023 will be the year when we can travel once again and visit the wonders of Bali. If you wish to rent a motorcycle in Bali Indonesia we advise you to read the post til the end.

Driving rules in Bali Indonesia for foreign tourist

Rule number 1: You can not drive a scooter or motorcycle on a Car driving license. Just rent a car if you only have a class B or C driving license. You can find cheap car rentals on This website offers car rental for 8 $. share the cost with your friends. A motorbike is fun but no fun without a driving license.

Get an international driving license before you travel to Asia. Translation of a driving license always helps. Make sure to buy your own helmet, a good helmet will allow you to see when it is raining. Do not drive fast on bends, you are not familiar with the roads. Take things easy. Do not drive when you are drunk.

How must it cost to rent a motorcycle in Bali indonesia?

Bali is big so first, look at the area where you will stay. In Canggu Bali, you can rent a scooter for 5$ a day and 100$ a month you can find the best deals on scooter rental on the Book2wheel website. The best scooter to rent is Yamaha N max, Aerox, and Honda Adv 150cc. These are fully automatic scooters and have wider tires, which helps you make sharp turns.

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