Rent van at Cebu airport-25% off use promo code

Let us welcome you to Cebu airport with a 25% discount code which you can get on all online payments when renting a car, van, or motorcycle using the website. The promo code is “RentVanCeb”.

What type of driving license you do have to rent Van in the Philippines?

A normal car driving license allows you to drive a car with up to 8 seats including the driver. You must have a driving license that allows you to drive a 12 or above-seat van. Most vans have 12 seats. If you do not have the right license just rent the 7-seater SUV. If you are more than 7 or let’s say 10 people. Rent 2 small cars with 5 seats for each car.

How much it cost to rent a van in Cebu airpot?

Van rental starts from 3000 pesos in Cebu, Lapu Lapu. Most rental owners are located in Lapu Lapu since it is near the airport. You can see the location of each van rental owner on the map using the search engine. Car rental starts from 1500 pesos in Cebu. You can rent cars like a Toyota wigo.

Can the van be delivered to the Cebu airport?

Yes, when you Book online using the website the van owner can deliver the van to your location. There might be a delivery fee.

Some of the things you should be careful about?

Do not smoke in the car or van that you rent. The owner will charge you a fine and cleaning fee. It is impossible to remove the smoke smell from the car. The van owner will charge the cleaning fee, it is best you agree on the cleaning fee in advance. Make sure to fill up the gas tank at the same mark where you pick it up.

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