CDO (Cagayan de Oro) Rent a Car | pick up at the airport

CDO or Cagayan de Oro is one of the busiest airports in the Philippines. If you wish to rent a car at CDO airport, you must book in advance. If you book through car rental companies you will be paying 80 to 90 dollars for small 5-seater cars. But you can now rent cheap car rental from local people using the book2wheel car-sharing service in the Philippines.

Through book2wheel you can rent a Toyota Vios 5 seater car for just 1800 pesos which is the very standard price. The owner of the car can deliver the car at the airport as well as pick-up from the airport. Here using this link you can chat directly with the car owner before you make a booking. Book2wheel is a market-place for the car rental which allow you to set the price with the ower before you even make a booking.

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