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Are you going outside the Philippines and need the travel insurance. We offer you the cheap and best deal on travel insurance.

What is travel insurance and why should I buy it?

Travel insurance is comprehensive insurance, which protects you against any uncertain accident during your travel. An example you are on your holiday and you get sick or had an accident. Your comprehensive travel insurance will pay your hospital bills and other medical expenses. Travel insurance also covers a wide range of other things that might happen during your trip. The reason you should buy travel insurance is that costs so cheap, why should you take a risk. Also now you can buy travel insurance in the Philippines online just by filling out the form below.

What does total travel insurance cover?

The total travel insurance covers, Medical treatment, Personal accident, funeral assistance, first medical assistance, Hospital income, Personal liability, Baggage Delay, Loss or Damages of baggage/personal effects, Checked in, not checked in, Loss of travel documents, trip cancellation, Delayed departure (outbound and inbound), Missed connection, Trip termination, Delayed Departure (Outbound and inbound), Missed connection, Diversion of the trip, Hijack, Location & forwarding of lost or stolen luggage/personal effects, emergency Dental care, Loss of personal money, Advance of money, Car rental excess protection, Delivery of Medicine,  Relay of urgent messages, Emergency medical evacuation/repatriation and  Care of Minor Children.

How much does it cost to buy total travel insurance in Cebu City Philippines?

There are 2 packages one for Asian countries ( excluding Japan) and 2nd for the rest of the world (excluding the Philippines). This travel insurance is to provide total coverage when you are traveling outside the Philippines. Here is the list of a price.

How can I buy the total travel insurance in the Philippines for my next travel abroad?

Fill out the form and our agent will get back to you. They will make all the documentation you need for your travel insurance. Pay online and get a hard copy of your insurance policy.

Note: The insurance service is provided by standard insurance Philippines. We forward your information to our key partner which is Philinsure