Motorcycle Rentals in Boac, Marinduque Philippines

How to rent a motorcycle in Boac, Marinduque Philippines?

If you looking to rent a motorcycle now you can find the best deals on motorcycle rentals at Boac, Marinduque is one of the best Island in the Philippines. You can fly directly from Manila airprot.

It is always fun when you have motorcycle or car to drive on your arrival. Here are some of the motorcycles and car which you rent in Boac Marinduque.

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Yamaha N max is most rented motorcycle in the Philippines. It is alos the most comforatble scooter to drive. it has good tires which help you to make sharp turns. You can rent N max for just 700 pesos. All you need to show your driving license and ID. Make sure to book online on

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Rent Kawasaki Bajaj Dominar 400 UG 2022 in Boac, Marinduque. This is a sport motorcycle which you can rent in Boac. This motorcycle will give you power and you can take it for long ride. Book now on

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