How much Harley Davidson XL 883 N insurance costs in Hong Kong

Harley Davidson insurance Hongkong

There are 2 types of insurance which you can buy for your motorcycle and this applies to every country. The first one is the third party insurance and the second one is the comprehensive motorcycle insurance. The third party insurance is mandatory in most of the countries around the world, as well as in the city of Hong Kong.

If you plan to buy a motorcycle in Hong Kong you must buy the third party insurance before you can take it on the road.
Here is an example of how much Harley Davidson XL 883 N insurance may cost in Hong Kong:

(The price is estimated and changes depending on the insurance company)

The Premium after 30% NCD    : HKD                                            1,040.86
M.I.B.  3.00%                              : HKD                                              31.23
Premium Levy* 0.0850%         : HKD                                  0.88
Total Premium                             : HKD                                            1,072.97

From the 1rst January 2018 onwards, a levy (termed as “Premium Levy”) collected by the Insurance Authority has been imposed on relevant policy at the applicable rate under Insurance (Levy) Order and Insurance (Levy) Regulation and would be remitted in accordance with the prescribed arrangements. For further information, please visit
Own Damage Excess : Not Applicable                 Usage Excess :        Not Applicable Third Party Property : HKD  3,000.00      Theft Excess :    Not Applicable
Damage Excess
Core BenefitsLimits (Up to)
Third Party Bodily InjuryThird Party Property DamageHKD     100,000,000.00 per Accident HKD                  750,000.00 per Accident
Optional BenefitsLimits (Up to)
Medical Expenses for You / Your Authorized Driver and passenger(s) Personal Accident for Main / Named DriverNot Covered Not Covered

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