1992 Toyota Corolla car insurance price in the Philippines

Toyota car insurance Philippines

The 1992 Toyota Corolla Car comprehensive insurance price in the Philippines calculated based on its current market value. Here you can see the complete car insurance quote details for 1992 Toyota Corolla car. 1992 Toyota Corolla car with the current value is 120,000 pesos in the Philippines is covered with full comprehensive insurance for just 8,817 pesos. The car insurance payment is 1 time and it covers for 1 year.

Comprehensive Cover with VTPL BI/PD 
Own Damage/Theft120,000.004,800.00 
Acts of God (AOG)120,000.00INCLUSIVE 
Bodily Injury (BI)100,000.00270.00 
Property Damage (PD)100,000.001,095.00 
Auto PA375,000.00FREE 
 Basic Premium6,614.08 
 Documentary Stamp826.76 
 Value Added Tax793.69 
 Local Government Tax33.07 
 Total PremiumPHP 8,817.60 
Total Sum Insured795,000.00

The CTPL also know as Compulsory Third Party Liability insurance is also included in the comprehensive insurance price. With 8,817 pesos you not only cover 3rd party as well your self and your motorcar.

Free Personal Accident for Driver and Passengers (Auto PA) up to authorized seating capacity with OD/Theft Cover:

Accidental Death and Disablement – P75,000.00 per person

Medical Reimbursement P15,000.00 per person

Burial Expense Benefit P15,000.00 per person

Free Riot, Strike, Civil Commotion and Malicious Damage Cover (RSCCMD) with OD/Theft Cover: Free Comprehensive Roadside Assistance for accident, engine breakdown, flat tire incidents to name a few. (with OD/Theft Cover) Refer to RAP (Roadside Assistance Program) for details. Free cover is limited to Private Vehicles (15 years old and below) with Comprehensive Cover.

Deductible: Ps 2,000 EEL (each and every loss) – PRIVATE CAR Depreciation: Private cars: Over 7 years old – 40% Batteries, Tires, Ball Joints, Tie Rods and Shock Absorbers (for Vehicles over three years old) – 45%

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