Quote for Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance Honda ADV150-2021.

Hong kong motorcycle insurance

Honda Adv 150 cc 2021 model in the Philippines cash price is around 149,600 Pesos. The comprehensive motorcycle insurance is calculated based on current value of the motorbike. If you have bought a brand new Honda Adv 150cc in the Philippines. The comprehensive insurance for Honda Adv 150cc will cost you 6,561 Pesos. This is one time cost and your motorcycle is covered for 1 year.

The comprehensive motorcycle insurance covers own damage/theft. If you had a road accident and the motorbike got broken, The insurance company will pay you to fix your motorcycle and the cost to replace the parts. Same applies if your motorbike is stolen you will get full compensation to buy a new motorcycle.

Here is the brake down of the coverage:

Comprehensive Cover with TPL and  VTPL BI/PD 
Own Damage/Theft149,600.004,188.80 
Acts of God (AOG)149,600.00Included 
Bodily Injury (BI)100,000.00105.00 
Property Damage (PD)100,000.00555.00 
Auto PA150,000.00FREE 
 Basic Premium4,848.80 
 Documentary Stamp606.10 
 Value Added Tax581.86 
 Local Government Tax24.24 
 Other Charges0.00 
 Admin Fee500.00 
 Total PremiumPHP 6,561.00 
Total Sum Insured499,600.00

Free Personal Accident for Driver and Passengers (Auto PA) up to authorized seating capacity with OD/Theft Cover:

Accidental Death and Disablement – P75,000.00 per person

Medical Reimbursement P15,000.00 per person

Burial Expense Benefit P15,000.00 per person

Free Riot, Strike, Civil Commotion and Malicious Damage Cover (RSCCMD) with OD/Theft Cover:


MOTORCYCLE: Fixed deductible of Php500 in respect of OD claims, each and every loss. 5.00% of sum insured in respect of theft claims, each and every loss.

Photo by Alexey Malakhov on Unsplash

Proposal is limited to motorcycles for personal use only.

We also sell Car insurance.

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