Ducati sixty2 comprehensive insurance cost in the Philippines.

Comprehensive insurance for Ducati sixty2

Ducati Sixty2 current cash price in the Philippines is 499,000 Pesos. The motorcycle comprehensive insurance cost is based and calculated on the current value of the motorbike. If you have bought a brand new Ducati sixty2 in the Philippines for 499,000 pesos the full insurance will cost you 19,225 pesos a year. This will cover own damage/theft, Acts of God, bodily injury, property damage and Auto PA. Below you can see the details of the coverage. This quote was generated August 2021.

Comprehensive Cover with VTPL BI/PD
Own Damage/Theft499,000.0013,473.00
Acts of God (AOG)499,000.00INCLUSIVE
Bodily Injury (BI)200,000.00135.00
Property Damage (PD)200,000.00720.00
Auto PA150,000.00FREE
Aspire Auto Assist 600.00
 Basic Premium14,928.00
 Documentary Stamp1,866.00
 Value Added Tax1,791.36
 Local Government Tax74.64
 ADMIN FEE500.00
 COC Fee65.40
 Total PremiumPHP 19,225.40
Total Sum Insured1,049,000.00

Personal Accident for Driver and Passengers (Auto PA) up to authorized seating capacity with OD / Theft Cover:

Accidental Death and Disablement – P 75, 000.00 per person

Medical Reimbursement P15, 000.00 per person

Burial Expense Benefit P15, 000.00 per person

Riot, Strike, Civil Commotion Cover (RSCC)


TOWING: Maximum of PHP 5000 per event – towing from residence is covered.

EXCLUSIONS: Mechanical breakdown due to lack of water, petrol, and secondary towing. Towing to assured’s residence, CASA to CASA.

  1. MINOR ON SITE REPAIR: Maximum of PHP 5,000.00 per event. Maximum 3 events.
  2. ALTERNATIVE TRAVEL ASSISTANCE: Php 2,000.00 per event up to residence/destination – (going to residence) (if vehicle cannot be repaired within 6 hours)
  3. ARRANGEMENT FOR RENTAL TRANSPORT (travel to assured’s destination)
  4. VEHICLE REMOVAL (e.g. fall into ravine) Maximum of Php 10,000.00 with crane.
  5. HOTEL ACCOMMODATION: Maximum Php 2,000.00
  6. RETURN OF THE DRIVER: Maximum Php 2,000.00

To apply insurance online fill out the form we will contact you with in 24 hours during working days. Weekend we are off.

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